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Donation Campaigns

It costs Cornerstone Mission Project $18 per person to provide one day of services.  How many lives will you touch today?

Any amount of money that you are comfortable giving to our organization is a blessing for us!

You can help us to have a steady revenue stream coming in each month by selecting an amount that you would feel comfortable donating on a monthly basis. 

Take the $5.00 Challenge! We have a campaign going to reach the goal of 1,000 people giving $5.00 per month to Cornerstone Mission. An easy way to do that is to use your online banking to automatically give the five dollars out of your checking account each month. Or, just write a $60.00 check annually to Cornerstone Mission and specify the $5 challenge in the memo portion of the check. Every five dollar donation makes a difference; and, $5 x 1,000 makes a huge difference!

Cornerstone Mission receives it's funding through grants, donations and fundraising. We know that our plans are ambitious and we know that Community Partners are our key to success. We are grateful to our current Partners: KRMC, The Lingenfelter Center, Taco Bell, Mohave State Bank and Cascades.

A Community Partner sponsorship is a commitment of $2,000.00 a year for 5 years. Your sponsorship includes the following recognition:

  • A plaque to display in your place of business from Cornerstone Mission recognizing you/your business as a "Community Partner"; and your logo displayed on our Shelter building.
  • Your logo printed on our letterhead and quarterly newsletter, recognizing you as a sponsor.
  • Your logo displayed on all printed advertising for fundraising.
  • Your sponsorship displayed on any materials produced regarding Cornerstone Mission; as well as our new projects and website.

Many grant opportunities require "leverage' in the way of networking and collaborating with other entities within the community. Therefore, your financial sponsorship and community partnership also assists us in our grant writing.

We realize that Kingman is full of philanthropic opportunities...your sponsorship and partnership will help us provide the necessities of life: food, shelter and clothing; and most importantly the light of Christ - HOPE.

For more information or to become a sponsor TODAY,  please call Lisa Beauchamp at 715-3344.